What types of events can you do?
We are experienced in providing DJ & Emcee services for many event types. Some of the events we do on a regular basis include…Weddings, sweet 16, family reunions, school functions, graduation parties, dances, golf and other sporting tournaments, corporate events, grand openings, store sales events, car dealerships, cruise ships, private yachts and even multiple Super Bowls.

Does it matter how many guests we have?
We can service any event size big or small, 20 people to over 2000. If your event will have more than 150 people please let us know when requesting a quote as we may need to supply additional equipment we wouldn’t normally bring to a smaller event.

Will you host the event and interact with our guests?
We do more than just play music. We are always prepared to handle any announcements throughout your event. We typically work in a team of 2 for weddings and larger events so that while one of us focuses on the music, the other can focus on interacting with your guests, taking requests and making announcements. For weddings you will always have a professional master of ceremonies who is trained in hosting weddings and knows how to keep the wedding flowing properly.

Why do some DJ's cost more than others?
You may think that all DJs are the same. But that is farthest from the truth. Every DJ has their own personality and their own special set of skills and capabilities. Some, such as ourselves, we employ a wealth of technology to assist us in delivering a top quality package. Some Dj's just simply show up without much forethought on how to conduct the night. We on the otherhand spend many hours in advance planning our events, yet we have the skill set to make changes on the fly if we see something isnt working. The most important thing to ask yourself is “will this DJ make this a night amazing or will the DJ ruin it” because you really only get one chance to do it right. Pick the best DJ for the job, not the cheapest DJ you can find. Experience and a high quality product comes at a slightly higher cost, but with the highest level of satisfaction at the end of the night. Experience, quality, value and the ability to adjust with the ebbs and flows throughout the evening are just some of the reasons why our clients continue to use us year after year.

Can we discuss musical selections ahead of time, and are you willing to play requests?
It is important for your DJ to know exactly what type of musical preferences and entertainment needs you have for your event. We will listen to your ideas and suggestions. We are always available prior to your event via phone and email to discuss selections. In office meetings are also an option for weddings and larger events. Special requests are rarely a problem. If you have music genres you want or do not want played, please be sure to let us know. Unfortunately we are unable to play CD’s on the day of the event. If there are specific song titles you would like, be sure we know so that if we do not have them we can get them in digital format prior to your event. We will also always play requests from your guests if our client allows us to do so.

How far in advance should I book?
We recommend booking your event as far in advance as possible, especially for Friday, Saturday and Holiday Weekend events as those are always the first to book up. We take bookings up to 18 months in advance and we will do our best to fill last minute bookings as well if at all possible.

Will you arrive on time?
Punctuality is a necessity, and as professionals we are very aware of our responsibilities to our clients. We always arrive well in advance of our scheduled start time so that we have plenty of time to set up without being rushed. Time spent setting up and removing equipment is done at no charge and is not a part of your alloted entertainment time.

Is there a contract & deposit required?
We do have a contract required at time of booking. The contract is to cover both the service provider and the client. We require a small deposit at time of booking in the form of cash, Zelle, Venmo or business check. Balance is due prior to your event start time.

What do you bring to DJ our event?
We have high end professional DJ equipment so you can count on us to not only bring out good looking gear but also the best sounding speakers and the coolest lighting around. We have multiple QSC brand loud speakers, 18” subwoofers, professional mixers, controllers, turntables, a DJ booth with LED up lighting that can be made to display any color and truss systems with an array of lighting options including large LED moving light heads, led dance lights and fog all of which are computer controlled from our DJ booth. Additionally we do offer photo slide show, movie presentations, monogram lighting and LED up lighting. Up lighting will give your venue an added splash of color and give you that added WOW factor. Up lighting can be a solid color, a mix of colors or even color fading with multiple colors or we can tie it into a full light show around the entire room. Ask us for more info and pricing if you are interested in adding on any upgrades to your DJ package.

What are your rates to DJ our event?
Our rates will depend on the type of event, the location, day of week, length and other factors. Top quality wedding DJ's here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area commands $1500, $2000 or more. You will likely find DJs offering $600 wedding packages and you will likely find DJ's selling $5000 wedding packages. Don't let the price be your deciding factor for your once in a lifetime day. Do your research, speak with the DJ and find out how much experience they have, see if that DJ seems like the right fit for you. There are a lot of differences between a cheap wedding DJ and an experienced wedding DJ. A couple of examples...A professional spends many hours planning for your wedding...we spend anywhere from 12-15 hours pre planning a wedding, long before we even arrive on site. The average DJ will not spend much if any time pre planning. We provide our proprietary wedding work packet so you can fully customize your DJ/MC experience. A cheap DJ may have $1000 in equipment while a professional will have anywhere from $50,000-$100,000...an added bonus with us is that we always have back up equipment on site should the need arise. A cheap DJ will not carry liability insurance, if they damage your home, the venue you rented, etc...it will be on your hands. Most importantly, a cheap DJ usually does this as a hobby...will they still be in business when your wedding date arrives? We get countless calls from Brides who's $600 wedding DJ has disappeared. Please feel free to take a look at our packages here on our web site and email us for a custom quote. As a current First Responder, we gladly extend discounts to our Police and Fire brothers and sisters. We do also offer discounts to others who currently serve, such as Military personnel, EMT, 911 dispatchers and Nurses.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss booking us for your next wedding or event please do not hesitate to email us day or night DJ@DJEliteAZ.com We will respond to your message right away.

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